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Lifescript offers answers to your common health and medical questions.Singh on coumadin blood test machine: Is an oral medication taken to prevent blood clots.Describes how warfarin sensitivity testing is used, when warfarin sensitivity testing is ordered, and what the results of warfarin sensitivity testing.

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Coumadin (warfarin) is a blood anticoagulant that inhibits the function of Vitamin K dependent coagulation used to inhibit the coagulation of blood to reduce or.

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The INR test is primarily used to monitor warfarin therapy, where the aim is to maintain an INR in target range.A number higher than that range means it takes blood longer than usual to clot.Most people think that the big advantage of being able to test their Coumadin levels at home would be the convenience of not having to get tested at a clinic every month.

Doctors give trusted answers on uses, effects, side-effects, and cautions: Dr.

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Test your blood anticoagulation level, more often and more conveniently in your own home.The international normalized ratio (INR) is a laboratory test used to monitor people who are taking oral blood-thinning medicines, like warfarin.If your next test is normal,. now changed to actual Coumadin to try and level things out. 2017 Cardio Files.We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.Coumadin, a brand name of the drug warfarin, is a blood thinner given to prevent or slow the formation of plaque and clots in your blood vessels. Coumadin.

In healthy people an INR of 1.1 or below is considered normal.Buying an INR Machine and Self-Checking Your Blood Anti-Coagulation. Updated. PT-INR test for warfarin.

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Check out these best-sellers and special offers on books and newsletters from Mayo Clinic.Yes, if you will be taking warfarin for an extended period of time.

Blood levels of warfarin are neither readily available nor helpful.A prothrombin time test can be used to check for bleeding problems.

Besides overdose, her meds are controled, what could cause this.

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Request Appointment Contact Us About Mayo Clinic Employees Find a Job Site Map About This Site.When the INR is higher than the recommended range, it means that your blood clots more slowly than desired, and a lower INR means your blood clots more quickly than desired.

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The average time range for blood to clot is about 10 to 14 seconds.

International Normalized Ratio Does this test have other names.Prothrombin time (PT) is a blood test that measures the time it takes for the liquid portion (plasma) of your blood to clot.In certain situations, such as having a mechanical heart valve, you might need a slightly higher INR.