He or she can tell you about your stroke and whether it might change if you can drive.

Early Warning Signs of a Heart Attack or Stroke

Knowing the signs can help you spot a stroke F.A.S.T. and possibly save a life.

Learn more about these risk factors including: smoking, cardiovascular diseases.This progressive and debilitating disease can lead to stroke, heart failure,.

If you can Spot a Stroke, you can help Stop it!

Sacco, MD, associate chair of neurology at the Neurological Institute in New York City.

Want to reduce your AFib stroke risk without regular blood monitoring or known dietary restrictions.The severity of any blockage-related stroke is determined by how long the tissue was without blood flow and the location of the injury in the brain.

Though the Stroke Onset study group was small, the researchers say they believe it demonstrates that triggers are involved when many patients suffer ischemic strokes.WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Stroke Symptoms, Treatment, Causes - MedicineNet

Doctor answers on Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and More: Dr.A stroke is a biological event. the doctor might not have definite answers for you, but can tell that a stroke occurred by using medical tests.

The clot may dissolve on it its own or get dislodged so that it stops causing the symptoms.Certain risk factors can increase your chances of having a stroke.

Eye Strokes - Retinal Artery and Retinal Vein Occlusions

Early Warning Signs of a Heart Attack or Stroke. Stroke Warning Signs.

Warning strokes can signal a problem that may lead to disability, further strokes or even death.Preventing Stroke: Healthy Living. Choosing healthy meal and snack options can help you prevent stroke.The symptoms may be mild or dramatic and can mimic a stroke with.

Specifically, they were asked what medications they were taking, if they were drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol, or if they were smoking or taking illicit drugs, including marijuana and cocaine.We can all learn to spot a stroke and take action by calling 9-1-1.Those most at risk of high blood pressure had less education, were Hispanic or black, were younger, and had few friends, says lead author Ralph L.The Days and Months After a Stroke Problems that Occur After a Stroke. Aphasia can be very frustrating for you and your caregivers.