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You need to know in about half of all cases, deep vein thrombosis occurs without any noticeable symptoms.Blood clots (deep vein thrombosis DVT and pulmonary embolism PE) affect upwards of 900,000 Americans each year.

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I stayed very active and fit throughout my pregnancy but during the last 2-3 weeks, my legs were so swollen and I had pitting edema. My Dr. kept telling me that it was normal to swell during pregnancy so not to worry about it.Saddle thrombus: blood clots, heart disease,. off the main blood supply to the back. to help dissolve the clot.

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Eventually the pain subsided by the my leg still exhibitted a slight swelling.

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Symptoms of a dvt (deep vein thrombosis or blood clot in the leg).The alarmed couple rented a car and drove back home to. that DVTs and PEs can come at any point in. with blood clots also.I now wear a compression sock, fight with the pain, on warfran, blood work every week because my INR level jumps up and down.

Honestly, I wish I never knew about this because every time I get a cramp, am short of breath or sitting for a long time, I am convinced I will get a blood clot.After injecting into the same vein for weeks or months, the inside lining of the vein becomes damaged and blood clots develop.When we arrived I was assessed, then placed in the lobby in a wheelchair.By the time i saw him, I had pain and swelling of entire leg.Flew home a week later and again, achy legs with the same pain in my calf.

Here is some very helpful information about surgery, blood clot risks, and prevention:.In August 2015 I was diagnosed with pneumonia and they found a nodule on my lung.My fear is that I will now have long-term pain, swelling and other issues due to the damage caused by the DVT.I am thinking the clot probably started building in 2008 because the year after in 2009 is when the charley horses started in my sleep but it would always be gone by the time I took my shower and left for work.I hope to see you there as we continue on this journey of healing together.I will put off by the immediate discharge (had to drive myself home).

Only because of the pain (which caused me to hyperventilate) and no open wound did they decide to do a doppler.I had cramps in my left calf last night and tonight I have a pain just below my knee.On October 2nd I began to get a cramp in my right calf (same leg as the surgery).My son was in a play that night, and there was no way that I was going to miss it.I read up on Pulmonary Embolism all the time I want to know all there is to know about it.Blood clots form when platelets (blood components) and plasma proteins thicken, forming a semisolid mass.

Sometimes the pains bother me so much that I end up in the ER thinking that the PEs are back.Patients Who Develop Blood Clots At Risk Of Recurrence Within Three Years.

I was shipped to a trauma hospital in Oklahoma City where I had to have a clot buster surgery to have the clot removed.In my final visit to this ortho, I showed him swelling of my knee and quadricep and reported increased pain in back of knee too all way down to foot. 8 months had passed.Other than having a baby, I NEVER had a hospital stay, and within a couple of weeks, I was in the hospital twice.For about a month I was noticing I was having trouble breathing always short of breath even from just talking, I had an 8-5 office job and worked a part time job in retail just to keep active and not always sitting. - Faith, Family and Fun

Information is lacking on blood clots and blood clot symptoms.Clinton has made a full recovery and is back to work. Look for the warning signs A blood clot in your leg can be.