To help ensure current and accurate information, we do not permit copying but encourage linking to this site.Clinical signs of hyperhomocysteinemia are similar to those seen with other clotting disorders.

Blood clots can be life-threatening depending on their location and severity.

What the heck is on my arm? Superficial blood clot or something else?

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The possibility exists that there has been an impedance of lymph flow in one leg.Evaluation of your condition differs depending on the location and type of your blood clot.It may also be used to rule out other conditions that cause the same symptoms as blood clots.Blood clots can occur in many different parts of the body, each area having different symptoms.

Blood clots may cause symptoms that mimic other diseases or conditions.In some cases, your doctor may order a cerebral angiography exam.

Please contact your physician with specific medical questions or for a referral to a radiologist or other physician.Blood clots during period is sometimes an. called anticoagulants, fail to deal with the abundant blood flow, a portion of blood can coagulate.Your doctor will usually begin by obtaining your medical history, as this may provide information about factors that caused the clot, and will also perform a physical examination.Lungs: The most common symptoms include shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chest pain and cough.Like finding a lump in your breast, seeing blood in your stool can send you into a tailspin of panic.

It is very important that you see a doctor when you believe you.

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A blood clot is a thick mass of menstrual blood that is expelled.The signs and symptoms of blood clots range from deep vein thrombosis (DVT) to pulmonary embolism (PE).

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Legs and arms: Symptoms of blood clots in the legs and arms vary and may include pain or cramping, swelling, tenderness, warmth to the touch and bluish- or red-colored skin.

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You should see a doctor anytime you see blood clots in urine because it may be a sign of a disease or condition.

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Chest CT scan: If your doctor suspects you have a pulmonary embolism, you may undergo a CT scan.


The medical test offers information about blood clotting tests, the function of the test, the person who conduct it, things to do before and after the test, what you.

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You are so right that the blood clots are worse than the cancer treatments.Although blood clots are unlikely, there are a few signs that can indicate the possibility of a blood clot.The IHTC Pharmacy Program provides savings to you and your health insurance plan.The most common cause of a pulmonary embolism is a fragment from a leg or pelvic clot that has broken off and traveled through the veins to the lung.You may undergo additional testing to rule out other conditions.The signs and symptoms of PE may be subtle and may include the following complaints, listed in order of frequency.