If you were injured by bleeding or side effects of Xarelto (rivaroxaban), contact our lawyers for class action lawsuit info at (866) 920-0753.Xarelto Lawsuits Allege The Blood Thinner Medication Causes Brain Bleeds, Gastrointestinal Bleeds, And Other Internal Bleeding That Can Cause Death.The information provided by Drugwatch.com is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

As a growing number of Xarelto lawsuits continue to be filed on behalf individuals throughout the United States, Bayer Healthcare now faces a class action lawsuit in.Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is an anticoagulant designed to reduce blood clots and DVT, but has been linked to uncontrolled bleeding and embolisms.Xarelto Case Help - If you or a loved one has been injured by Xarelto- contact us today.We understand that many of our clients are suffering devastating injuries — physically, emotionally, and financially.She has been published in research journals and peer-reviewed publications.

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While the drug is approved for a number of uses, adding approval for ACS would grant Xarelto access to the 1.2 million Americans who are sent to the hospital each year with the condition.

Kentucky resident Virginia Stunteneck filed a lawsuit against Bayer in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.The Schmidt Firm, PLLC is nationally recognized as a class action law firm, but our attorneys are not currently filing a Xarelto class action lawsuit.

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Xarelto Lawsuit and Claims get help for Xarelto side Effects.

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Monheit Law is filing Xarelto lawsuits for uncontrollable bleeding and wrongful death.Michelle Llamas is a writer and researcher for Drugwatch.com. She is also the host of Drugwatch Podcast and has appeared as a guest on podcasts and radio shows.Michelle has a varied background as a researcher and writer for magazines and public relations companies.Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) Blood thinner Xarelto is linked to life-threatening, irreversible bleeding that has prompted thousands of lawsuits.Individual Injury Lawsuits, Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Xarelto Class Action Lawsuits Reviewed by Lawyers for Bleeds, Hemorrhages. Learn More.

Xarelto, generic name Rivaroxaban, is one of the newest anti-coagulant medications to enter the market.

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We are here to help you know your rights and find the best Xarelto lawyers for Xarelto class action cases.Contact an aggressive Long Island Xarelto lawsuit attorney now for a free consultation. (631) 451-7900.I called my partner for help It took half a towel soaked in blood I.

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For some, Xarelto has been a virtually side-effect free way to deal with blood clots.

Instead, we are filing individual lawsuits on behalf of people who were injured by severe side effects: Bleeding Gastrointestinal bleeding Cerebral hemorrhage Blood clots About Class Actions Class actions are useful in certain circumstances, such as when a lot of people buy a defective product based on false advertising.Unlike warfarin, a trusted mainstay for preventing blood clots for the past 50 years, Xarelto does not have an antidote to stop uncontrolled bleeding, which can be fatal.Side effects or Issues from Xarelto, IVC Filter and Invokana.Finding out if you are eligible for a large settlement for your blood thinner medicine injury is 100% Free, fast and easy.

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A Xarelto lawsuit can help patients who took the blood thinner drug and suffered severe side effects like GI bleeding or even death.Please read on to learn more about Xarelto side effects, how this potentially.

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Warfarin has been a mainstay of anticoagulation therapy since the 1950s, but it is a problematic drug that requires frequent dosage adjustments and dietary restrictions.Stunteneck was hospitalized after she took Xarelto and suffered severe gastrointestinal bleeding in 2013.When Xarelto hit the market, it had no reversal agent — although one may have been discovered in January 2014.

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If you need legal help having to do with Xarelto we can help.Multi-District Litigation (MDL) Like a class action, the MDL process improves efficiency, reduces costs, and helps a large number of people with similar legal claims.Many people who were injured by Xarelto side effects, filed a lawsuit against the manufacture pharmaceutical companies Bayer.Attorneys say they expect more lawsuits after more people become aware of the dangers of the drug.